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Dating a Bimbo November 23rd, 2010


Dating a bimbo is something that can be a lot of fun for several different reasons. Many people will only want to date bimbos because they prefer their company over others. This is something that you will need to figure out on your own. Whether or not you enjoy the company of a bimbo will be up to you.

What They Are

Basically, a bimbo is a woman that is not very smart but is very beautiful. She will not be able to keep up in deep or intelligent conversations but she is going to look great no matter what she is wearing. Many people prefer to have a bimbo on their arm than a woman that will keep up with these conversations.

Why they’re Fun

Dating a woman that is very smart is something that not a lot of men want to do. It can be exhausting and frustrating to try to keep up with her. You will also find that it is impossible to get anything past her. Whilst there are smart beautiful women they are a lot more difficult to find and they also will not spend as much time on their looks as a bimbo will.

Who Dates Them?

A man that is not looking for deep conversations or for a woman that he can debate politics with will typically opt for a bimbo. He may also be more worried about what a woman looks like more than what she has to say. A woman that is more beautiful than she is smart is what a lot of men look for.

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